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Your Way to Organize Everything

1. Review where everything is and determine if the location still works for you If not, map out your new placement assign a specific place for each 2. Pick where to start in an order by section that resonate with you for your home or office then clear spaceĀ for what should be there make pile 3. Go through your pile and remove or recycle all that is not being used 4. Place items that you will utilize in the cleared area whereby it falls in line with your new vision/order 5. Repeating steps 3 & 4 until you have covered what needs to change Now your flow is revitalized!

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The Right Circle

Living in a world with several demands can be overwhelming from work to family and other activities. Coming up with a routine; could be school, work, healthy dieting, workouts or any activity which you need to do always and sticking to it seems impossible.What then can be done to solve the problem? I would say, brace yourself and face this but that is easier said than done but being with people who can support you can be of great help. We all fall sometimes or get tired and will definitely need those extra hands to help us get back on trackSurrounding yourself with the right circle of people can truly make life easier and better. We all feel that heat...

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