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Working from Home: Balance Work and Personal Life

5 Expert’s Tips on How to Balance between Working from Home and Your Personal Life.

Your capacity to strike a balance between family life and work demands is always under the test if you work from home.

When you work from home, boundaries between your personal life and work can be nonexistent. No matter how organized you’re, it’ll be challenging to manage your career success and the household duties at the same space, more so if you’re raising a young family.

You have a task with a strict deadline to complete; your baby starts crying hysterically. Your maternal instincts kick in, and you rush to get the baby and try your level best to calm him down. In the meantime, time is moving fast, and before you know it, you’ve missed the work deadline by a considerable margin.

Your client gets mad and drops you like hot charcoal. You lose valuable clients as a result. You get frustrated. You feel lost, and you wonder what’ll ever save you from the horrors of frustration.

Though it’s impossible for remote workers to draw the line between personal life and professional life fully, you can integrate the distinct facets of your life in a better way.

Here are the experts’ tips to help you strike that elusive balance between your work and family life. 


1) Get officially dressed

When you’re working from the office, you change your pajamas and put on attire appropriate for the office. No matter how tempting it is to work in your favorite pajamas, trust me, it’s not the best option for your productivity.

Though you won’t wear heels or a suit, either, don’t stay in your pajamas. Putting on clothes you’d comfortably wear when you are out of home help you get into the work mindset.

The way you dress is closely related to how you feel.


2)You have to create (and maintain) a designated workspace

Just like putting on a decent outfit, if you commit to working from a defined space in your home, you’ll help to create a productive work environment.

In other words, work only from one point. Don’t just work from anywhere in your house.

 Today you’re working from the balcony; tomorrow you’re on the couch, the next day you’ll be in your bedroom or kitchen. You can’t work like this and be productive continually because you won’t be able to concentrate fully.

Working from a designate place will help you feel like you’re in your office away from home, and you’ll be able to ward off the distractions that come with working from home.

Keep the doors shut and turn off the radio and your TV. Get your family members to respect your space, and don’t allow them to interrupt you. They, too, must learn to be disciplined and treat your home office just like any office outside your home.


3)Communicate effectively with your team members

Working from home can make you be disconnected both with a regular work structure and your team. It’s critical to have friendly talk and have effective communication with the team.

If your company has a communication tool such as slack, it’s essential to join in the conversation and communicate either by computer or by phone so that you’ve meaningful discussions.

If you’re local and work from home, go to the office occasionally and participate in company events, such as intranets, if your company has one.


4)Block out your time and focus on specific tasks

Give your full attention to a specific task, whether it’s home related or work, regardless of the distractions that keep popping up throughout the day.

You’ve to set out your priorities right and stick to them. Learn not to deviate from tasks. Set times for when to work and stick to that. You’ll do laundry and other things in the house, but don’t let household chores interfere with the work you’re doing at the times you’ve allotted for work.

Set a schedule to help you set aside specific times for professional and personal to-dos.

5)Take breaks

Another major obstacle to attaining a balance between working from home and your own life is the inability to know when to take a break.

If you don’t have a task that has a specific deadline, you could be tucked in bed for hours on end without a care in the world. If you don’t have the usual errands to run, at times, you could feel trapped in your home.

To overcome this challenge, you need to schedule a time for activities outside your home. It’s crucial to get up after every hour just to walk around and stretch and also to take that proper lunch.

If you don’t take these breaks, you’ll work for long hours nonstop. You can as well plan for a vacation or just a visit to a local museum.

Striking a reasonable balance between working from home and your personal is a tricky escapade. The good news is that you can achieve it by taking frequent breaks, following your schedule strictly, dressing officially, and having a designated workplace.

Forgive yourself if you keep tripping and falling short. If you keep pushing hard, you’ll be proud and be grateful for your ability to persevere and adapt.

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