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Why You Need a Virtual Assistant

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Benefits of a Virtual Assistant to Small Businesses 

Did you just start a business and are overwhelmed with everything you’ve got to do to keep it running?

Have you ever contemplated hiring extra help, but are uncertain due to your limited resources?  Do you ever wonder how other businesses pushed through and became prosperous?

No matter what others may say, never think that you can build a successful from scratch, all by yourself. Not a single person can do this.

If by any chance, you were able to build a high-profile company from the ground up, there’s no chance that you can maintain it alone.

The reason is that no one has enough time to cover all bases and still run a lucrative business. Even if it’s a small business, remember, you’ll need to balance everything apart from your company, such as your social life and your family life.

Keep in mind that none of these can be a sacrifice for the other. For instance, if you sacrifice the time you are supposed to spend with your family and use it to build your business, you’ll be making a grievous mistake.


Because after you’ve reached the pinnacle of success, you’ll be empty in the end, and nothing will give you back the people and time you surrendered to get to the top.

Are you still in doubt?

Just ask any prosperous entrepreneurs, and you’ll get the same answer. The best way to run a business is to strike a balance. You have to balance your work and your personal life. That’s where a virtual assistant comes in.

That said, let’s clear the air on what a virtual assistant is.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a professional who gives support services to various businesses from a remote location. Such services are; clerical work, bookkeeping, marketing, web design, and many others.

Simply put, a virtual assistant can do any other work a support staff can do apart from serving you coffee.

A virtual assistant frees up your time so that you can focus more on activities that will bring you more money.

What a Virtual Assistant Does For your Business

Several virtual assistants specialize in specific skills. For instance, PR or marketing virtual assistant will only do PR or marketing work.

Some will do different duties within a specific company. For example, a real estate virtual assistant will carry out several tasks just for that particular realtor’s clients.

You should hire a virtual assistant depending on what kind of work you want them to perform for you.

 Here is how you hire a virtual assistant

Some virtual assistants perform tasks better than you, and it’s faster and cost-effective to employ someone to perform duties that you’re not skilled at.

  • The first step is to make a list of activities you want to hire out in order of priority.

For instance, if keeping tabs with your emails is tedious and time-consuming, cause it to top your list.

  • Determine who to hire. Hire a VA from a freelance service such as Upwork or engage your networks for a referral. The best way is to find one who’s vetted through a reference to keep off headaches and save time.

If you hire a virtual assistant suitable for you, you’ll enjoy the following benefits.   

Benefits of hiring a virtual assistant.

  • You’ll no longer be the one to handle the mundane tasks

You surely want your business to grow, but you don’t like completing the monotonous daily stuff such as email management and data entry. A virtual assistant is well skilled in handling this and will gladly take this off your hands.

 On the other hand, you’ll focus more on the tasks that will help your business generate more funds.

You’ll also have more time to concentrate on the intricate issues in your industry.

  • You’ll have more time for your family and you as well.

Having ample time for your family is one of the most important benefits that come with hiring a virtual assistant. You’ll be able to spend quality time with your beloved family.

When a virtual assistant takes the tasks that consume most of your time from your hands, it’ll be easier for you to manage your time and schedule for other activities besides your business and everyone will win. You should run your business and not let the company run you.

  • You’ll get the job done more efficiently and more effectively

When you, as the owner of the company, feel overwhelmed by all that you’ve to do, you’ll lose focus on things, and you’ll have to drop one of the things you’re juggling.

If you hire a virtual assistant, you’ll hand over some of the things you’re juggling over, and both of you will get the work done in a short time, and more efficiently because each one of you will give the designated tasks all the attention it deserves.

  • Virtual Assistants are more economical than full-time employees.

Virtual assistants work from their homes. So, you don’t have to pay for their expenses.  You’ll also never have to cater to their dental insurance, health benefits, or any allowances unlike you would for the in-house employees.

You’ll never worry about substandard work or extended deadlines. All you do is to tell them what they’ve to do and when they need to complete it. You just have to pay for when they’re working on the tasks you assigned them. There’s nothing like overtime too, thus saving you money in the long run.

If you ever find yourself getting bogged down by the smallest of tasks, or losing track of time or even what day of the week it is, and you no longer have time for your family because you’re busy trying to grow your business, consider hiring a virtual assistant to help with handling the simple tasks so that you can have time to think about your business and grab new opportunities as they come.


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