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Self-care Ideas That Cost Close to Nothing

Self-care ideas

The Cheapest Self-care Ideas – Less than $0 (For Real)

NO, self-care isn’t luxury as most people would make it sound.

And if you are dealing with anxiety or any other mental illness, self-care can mean your life.

So, how can you show yourself self-love when you have no money to spare for expensive body massages in beauty spas? Here are a few ideas.

The truth is that these simple ideas leave you feeling just as good as or better than the most expensive self-care ideas you’ve come across out there. Better because you aren’t left in credit card debt for having spent money you don’t have on so called, self-care.

So let’s get into it…


Take a Shower

That’s right. Use your shower time as self-care time. Instead of the usual quick run into and out of the shower, take your time. Focus on thoroughly cleaning your body and feeling the soap and water on your skin.

Some experts say you can take a cold shower whenever possible. A cold shower changes your mood and gives you that fresh start.

You can also use your time in the shower to get to know yourself better. Take a keen look at your skin, your nails, and hair. This gives you time to build a relationship with yourself.


Watch your Diet

Sometimes the simplest things you do can improve your mood more than you think.

What do you think about when you hear diet? Do you imagine restrictive, boring, tasteless food? Or do you just see yourself losing your appetite and starving all together? Happily, that’s not what we are talking about.

Instead of completely changing your diet, why not start by changing your meal times. Think having your last heavy meal at least three hours before going to bed. Try including all nutrients in your meals and eating more of the healthy vegetables and fruits.

The positive changes you’ll see after just three weeks will encourage you to watch your diet even further. Think clear healthier skin, smaller waist, less blotting. That’s real self-care.

But even more important is the “feel good feeling” you’ll have because of improved mood and better metabolism.


Say “NO” More Often

How often do you say no to yourself and to others? No is a very important word. You need to start using it more often.

Do you find that sometimes you get yourself in trouble because you didn’t want to disappoint someone or you felt guilty saying no?

That can be a very dangerous path to take. The truth is that you can’t always be there for everyone or take care of everything. Be modest when volunteering yourself. That requires that you say no when you can’t do what is being asked of you.

Ignoring the word “no” to avoid feeling guilty can leave you feeling worse if you fail to deliver what you promised.

Learn to say “no” to yourself too. Avoid taking on too much. What will help you? Again; modesty.


Take up a Hobby

Take a break from your busy schedule to do something you love. Time is always on the move it may feel like you are in a rut. Break that routine.

What hobbies can you take up? Well, that depends on what appeals most to you. It can be anything; from knitting, cooking, stitching to growing herbs outside your house.

Nowadays taking up and learning a new hobby or skill is as easy as mastering your ABC. Think about the hobbies we’ve mentioned; you can learn all of these online, at your own pace from YouTube channels. And you don’t have to pay anyone a single dime.

Taking up hobbies is a good way to make you feel good. Commend yourself for the progress you are making. The better you get at it, and the more productive you become, you’ll see an improvement in your general mood. Effective self-care does that.


Dance to your favorite music

Once in a while, it’s okay, and very important to let go and let loose.

Turn your favorite music on and move to it until you sweat. This is 100% guaranteed to put you in a positive spirit.

It could just be 5 minutes, or longer. You can’t underestimate the power of good body movement. It’s just as good as exercise. The happy hormone will come, promise.


Do Nothing

Yeah, you heard that right.

Let go of everything and just chill. And no, this isn’t meditation. It isn’t reading a favorite book either. Use this time to just relax and feel the air get into and out of your lungs. Just sit and relax.

Afterwards you feel so relaxed and ready to face life again.

Of course self-care is necessary. But no one said it has to be expensive. You have everything you need to take care of yourself. Make yourself feel good.

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