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How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle and Build Healthy Relationships.

Signs of A Healthy Lifestyle and Relationships

We all want to be healthy.  But what does it mean to be healthy?

Just because you don't have a disease or infirmity doesn't mean that you are all is well. You may be following a strict exercise regime and diet and still be unhealthy.

If you want to be healthy, you must take care of your physical, mental, and social wellness.

Let's look at what is meant by physical health.

Physical health is your body's condition, considering everything from the fitness level to the absence of diseases.

Your physical health is paramount for overall well-being and may be adversely affected by diet, lifestyle, level of physical activities, and behaviors such as drinking alcohol and smoking.

 On the other hand, mental health means our psychological and emotional well-being. It affects how we feel, think, and act. It also helps us to determine how we relate to others, handle stress, and make choices. Mental health is critical in all stages of life.

Besides, social well-being is the capability to communicate, start meaningful relationships with others, and keep a support network that helps you overcome loneliness.


You can have a perfect body, know how to relate with people, but you feel like a wrench on the inside behind closed doors. You must strive to strike that elusive balance among all three aspects of being healthy and be considered a healthy individual.

Signs That You’re healthy

 You Eat  When You Get Hungry and Stop When You Are Full

This acceptable behavior is an indication of healthy eating. It's a no brainer, but most people will continue eating even after getting full.

This behavior is because you wait till you are starving and then eat a mountain for a plate. After all, you are eating while watching TV, or because you are emotional and eating is a way to soothe yourself.


If you have a healthy, you'll have a healthy relationship with food and trust your internal cues, not external ones, to determine what and how much you should eat. It would help if you ate until you feel satisfied, but not stuffed.


 You can climb two flights of stairs and feel good.


You don’t have to be a supreme athlete to be healthy. If you can make 150 weekly minutes of a medium activity like brisk walking, you are healthy.

If you can quickly climb two flights of stairs, without making any stops, and still feel pretty good, you are a healthy individual. Your capability to go upstairs suggests that your body can perform high-intensity activities smoothly, which is an excellent marker for fitness.

Welcome your full range of emotions.

Emotional well-being is embracing your variety of emotions and appreciating that they're healthy.

It's perfectly normal to feel upset, angry, depressed, and anxious. An excellent sign of healthy emotional well-being is gracefully embracing these emotions and understanding that none of them is permanent.

They disappear as soon as they come if you handle them correctly, and you go back to being happy.

As long as you live, stress will keep knocking at your door. If you are healthy, you’ll not let it put you down for long. You’ll find a reasonable way to manage it and move on.

You  Speak Your Mind

Healthy relationships thrive where couples can freely express themselves honestly. No topic is out of bounds. You can talk about anything openly without fearing what your partner will say or think about you. No hitting the roof over a Facebook post.

If you keep concealing your true feelings over something or feel that a particular topic is too sensitive to be discussed, there's a chance that your relationship isn't healthy.

 You Have Sufficient Energy to Do What You Want

Have you ever spent a sleepless scheming and plotting to do something, but you had no energy to do it when you woke up?

 It can be frustrating. If you have ever found yourself dreaming of doing things but lack the gumption to do it, you are unhealthy.

 The chances are high that you are spending so much time doing something that you have no energy left to do anything else.  You need to strike a healthy balance so that you'll have enough energy to do all the things you want.


It's great to have the energy to do what you need to do- whether ping pong, yoga, or baking cookies. The energy can be either emotional or physical.

Having adequate energy to do what you wish is a sure sign that you are healthy.

You Fight Reasonably

If you’re not fighting with your partner, there’s a chance in hell that you are holding back some things. If your relationship is healthy, you’ll have disagreements, which you should handle fairly and productively.  Whenever a fight ensues, you are healthy if you don’t put each other down or call each other names. You’ll strive to understand your partner rather than trying to score points, and you apologize when you are wrong. You also know you are healthy if you can walk away from a toxic relationship and stick to your decision.

There’s no need to despair if you feel somehow unhealthy after hearing this. You can easily regain your health by seeking medical help. Sometimes, though in the case of healthy relationships, you may simply need the help of a knowledgeable and certified relationship coach to help you heal.

Talk to life coach Sabrena if you need help.

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