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Divinely Created With Favor

In this oftentimes dark world, we live in, we need as much light as we can possibly get. 
Outside of sunlight and artificial light, a light comes in many other forms, like a smile, a kind word, a helping hand, and even a T-shirt. That's right, a T-shirt. 
You may be wondering how could a T-shirt offer light. Well, it's not the T-shirt per'se, but the image it displays that represents the light. 
T-shirt images have been known to make us laugh, cry, and think. Seeing that thought is the start of it all, why not wear T-shirts that promote change? 
God is Love. Giving us a portion of His Spirit is how He showed us Love, and this act is what Divinely Created With Favor represents. 
Divinely Created means that we were complete physically, yet incomplete spiritually. It wasn't until the breath of life was breathed into our lungs that we were made complete. And to show our gratitude for such a blessing we are expected to love one another as our Creator loves us, and as we confess to love Him. This is us returning the favor.

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