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The REAL Reason You Need a Personal Power Coach in Your Life| Sabrena Sharonne

Are you a creative person? Do you view yourself as a powerful human being? Can you be anything you dream to be?

What if you learned that you are just that? The most creative and powerful person you know?

The truth is that every human being is creative, powerful and resourceful in their own way.

“But I don’t feel that way.” You may think.

You are always stuck even when you are sure you’ve started on your passion. Shouldn’t it be easier when it’s passion?

Yes. It should.

So why are you stuck?

Well, to be fair, we all get stuck some time. It doesn’t matter whether our day jobs are something we are passionate about or not. We need a boost (of sorts)

“But some people don’t have to struggle as much as I do.”

The only difference is that those who seem to be consistently powerful, resourceful and creative know where to go to get the boost.

So where do they go to for the inspiration? That’s what we are talking about today.


Who is a Personal Power Coach?

In simple English, this is the person who helps you figure you out. That person who helps you improve your performance in whatever you are doing. Be it at work, at home and whatever it is you are doing.

Some people are fortunate enough to have such individuals in their lives. The inspiration may come naturally because your loved one knows you so well. They may also happen to be insightful enough to help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses and why you may be stuck.

That way we can say you have your own private personal coach. Good for youJ

The truth is that not everyone is that fortunate. Actually, it’s a very tiny percentage of people who find this type of help within their circles. But even those need the help of a personal power coach from time to time.

How will a Personal Power Coach Help You?

No, your personal power coach will not miraculously figure you out.

Their job isn’t to decide your next move either.

Your personal coach will listen to you. They will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. And most importantly they will hold you accountable for the promises and decisions you make.

They are a listening ear when you need one. They are your support system.

In a perfect world we would all have a strong support system. But the truth is that most people just don’t. And that’s fine, nothing’s wrong with you if you don’t. But you still need to be your best version.

And that’s why you need a personal power coach. They’ll be there when you need someone to push you and when you need someone to empathize.


What Happens at a Personal Power Coaching Session?

Good question. Since there are many misconceptions about this, let’s clear the air.

Personal Power coaches aren’t  mentors. That’s a different profession all together.

To help you discover your power, your coach will LISTEN to you. That’s the first and most important thing. It’s only by listening to you that they can get to know you.

And it’s only by knowing you that they can know what the goal you are working toward is, what obstacles you are or are likely to face, and how to move forward.

You don’t have to worry about being forced to talk about topics you don’t want to talk about because you choose how each conversation goes. The focus is on you, never the coach.

Personal coaches know that they are not supposed to be judgmental. You are allowed to have whatever beliefs and belong to whatever schools of thoughts.

Your coach will only help you see what could be holding you back. You come up with the decisions and way forward yourself. The implementation of decisions reached is also all on you. That way you grow.

Soon you start to discover your power. You may even learn of hidden talents you have.


Is This for You?

What do you think? Should you schedule a session with a personal coach?

Go ahead and do so.

 If you are still not sure, try one session here. It’s a simple $30 deal. You won’t regret it.

Sabrena Sharonne is a wonderful personal power coach who leads by her example to show that nothing can or should hold you back from being who you should be.

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